Wooden Dishwashing Brush - Long Handle

What's wrong with the classic dish scrub sponge? Well it probably works just fine, but it starts to look messy very quickly, it starts to smell bad and it rarely lasts more than two weeks, before becoming a part of a landfill, because guess what - it's not recyclable. Oh and you also have to be careful not to scratch your sensitive kitchwenware with it.

Our alternative is this eco-friendly dish brush made of beech wood and nylon silk bristles.The bristles are stiff and strong enough to provide strong scrubbing power to handle even the toughest kitchen mess, but gentle enough not to damage the surface. Its use is not limited to washing dishes though. You can use it to clean fruit and vegetables, or clean any other place in or around your house. The long handle makes it easy to clean hard to reach places. With proper care, the handle will last forever, while the scrubbing head can be replaced and the old one can be biodegraded and recycled (the bristles).

Now you just need to replace your classic dish soap, with baking soda and your eco-friendly kitchen is ready. 

Take action today for a cleaner and safer planet. Each and every day those bags help to lighten your carbon footprint while enjoying a much more eco-friendly shopping experience!

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