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Empilez votre déjeuner portable parfait dans ces boîtes à lunch en métal. Avec cette boîte à lunch en métal réutilisable, vous pouvez éliminer les déchets plastiques inutiles des sacs de stockage des aliments, des contenants à emporter et des Tupperware en plastique à courte durée de vie. Les contenants alimentaires jetables sont l'une des plus grandes menaces pour la vie marine, et c'est un changement facile avec des avantages quotidiens.

La boîte à lunch en métal est soigneusement fabriquée en acier inoxydable durable, 100 % sans BPA, qui peut être utilisée pendant des années. Selon la taille, deux, trois ou quatre conteneurs s'empilent et se verrouillent avec un joint étanche. De plus, la boîte à lunch est isolée comme un thermos pour les repas chauds ou froids en déplacement.

100 % acier inoxydable non toxique
Conteneurs gerbables étanches
Isolation thermos métallique
Poignée supérieure facile à transporter
Disponible en trois tailles pratiques

Sans plastique et respectueux de l'environnement

1.4L : 22x14cm
2.1 L : 28 x 14 cm
2,8 L : 34x14 cm

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✅ 4 heads included (each one lasts 3 months)

✅ 3 Intensity levels reaching up to 40,000 VPMs

✅ 4 Hours charge for 30 days use

✅ 5 Cleaning modes

✅ 2-minute timer

✅ Sonic technology with enhanced brush

✅ Zero-waste packaging

Clean: Your go-to for daily teeth cleaning.

White: Ideal to get an healthy smile & really do away with any surface staining.

Polish: Polish & whiten teeth using a lower frequency of vibrations.

Sensitive: Gentle on the teeth and gums.

Gum care: Ideally suited to those who have mild sensitivity in their gums.

Plastic toothbrushes are a key part of our plastic waste story.

According to research by Foreo, 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away annually in the United States alone. This is 50 million pounds of waste that sometimes ends in waterways and oceans.

Every toothbrush used since the 1930s still exists on the planet. Now is the time to make a change, don't you think?

The Sustainable tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush uses replaceable heads carved from bamboo. Each head takes around six months to decompose while a plastic one takes hundreds of years to fully break down.

The average person uses 300 toothbrush heads in their lifetime. Make sure yours are eco-friendly!

PS : Do you already have a Philips Sonicare* toothbrush? We got you covered here!

Furthermore, we are proud to share that our Bamboo meets the FSC requirements. This certification is considered the "gold standard" designation for Bamboo and wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

We would like to stress that, while heads are made of bamboo, the Bamboo Electric Toothbrush base is made of plastic as per safety standards and waterproof requirements. Please follow this link for Replacement Heads.

To properly dispose each Bamboo Electric Toothbrush head, place it in a compost bin. It will take around 6 months to decompose.

Our plant-based bristles are made of castor seeds oil. Moreover, we are glad to share that they will eventually break down in a home composting environment. However, we cannot legally call our bristles "compostable" as it takes more than 3 months. That is still a huge improvement compared to petroleum based bristles as our bristles will become plant food at some point!

Zero-waste packaging & delivery.

Shipping is insured and takes 10 to 14 business days in most cases, knowing that the average delivery delay per location can be found here.

A tracking number will be provided so you can track your parcel every step of the way.

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