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Sustainable Mug

Sometimes an eco-friendly mug is all you need to help protect the planet from plastic pollution.

Disposable plastic mugs are among the most common types of garbage found during beach cleanups around the globe. Thousands are used and thrown away after one single drink daily around the globe!

Fortunately this problem could be easily solved, using your reusable mug. Just keep it with you at all time and give it when ordering your drink at your favorite coffee shop!

Our sustainable mug is made out of biodegradable wheat straw and can go in the dishwasher. Our amazing eco-friendly mug don't contain any harmful or toxic material. The lightweight mug keeps your drink at temperature and is easy to carry. 

Say no to single-use plastic!

Why is a wheat straw mug is better than a plastic mug?

Unlike plastic mug, wheat straw mugs are biodegradable and will not cause damage to the environment. wheat straw is also much better choice than plastic, because it will not damage our environment, which is why it's one of the most sustainable materials on our planet.

    Remember: little changes can make a big difference for our planet. Get a reusable eco-frendly mug for you now and vote against plastic.

    - Size: 7.5cm * 14cm * 10cm
    - Capacity: 300ml
    - Material: Wheat straw  
    - Colors: Bleu, Green, Pink  

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