Portable Water Bottle

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Perfect for outdoor sports, camping, traveling, hiking... It's the only water bottle you will ever need. 

Our amazing stainless steel insulated water bottle, will make sure you never have to drink bottled water again. Single-use plastic bottles are one of the main causes of plastic pollution of our environment.

They are the second most common plastic garbage found in our oceans today. Humans use about one million bottles each minute, which equals about 500 billion per year. Only about 9% of these get recycled. So where do the 91% of bottles end up? In landfills, or even worse - oceans, polluting our planet and poisoning ocean life. Not to mention bottled water is 240 to 10.000 times more expensive than tap water.

Luckily you don't have to contribute to this problem anymore. With our reusable stainless steel bottle available in different sizes, you always have a bottle with you, that you can refill anywhere you go. With its double wall construction, it keeps the content hot or cold, up to 12 hours. The product is made of food grade stainless steel, contains no plastic and is BPA-free.

Take action today for a cleaner and safer planet. Each and every day those straws help to lighten your carbon footprint while enjoying a much more satisfying drinking experience!

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