Zen Bamboo Electric Toothbrush


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 The electric toothbrush that belongs in every eco-friendly bathroom. All the design materials are compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.

With it, you get a 1 year’s supply of replaceable heads. Carved from the fastest-growing plant on Earth (bamboo) and with soft bristles made of castor bean oil.
100% organic bamboo and plastic-free, our BPA free zero waste bamboo toothbrush heads lasts as long as your old plastic toothbrush.
- Up to 7x healthier gums in 2 weeks¹

- Sonic toothbrush with 5 Cleaning modes

- Up to 38,000 Vibrations Per Minute

- 4 hours charge for up to 30 days use

- 2-minute timer for a superb brushing

¹ Compared to a manual toothbrush
Clean: Clean the teeth and remove up to 10x more plaque compare to a manual toothbrush.

White: Ideal to get an healthy smile & really do away with any surface staining.

Polish: Polish & whiten teeth using a lower frequency of vibrations.

Sensitive: Gentle on the teeth and gums.

Gum care: Ideally suited to those who have mild sensitivity in their gums.


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Give your new Sustainable tomorrow toothbrush a test run for 30 days and if you’re still not 100% happy with it you can return it to us for a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings. For more information on returns please see our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Just drop us an email to contactus@thesustainabletomorrow.com
Is your heads compostable?
Our heads are made of 95% raw bamboo, 4% sustainably sourced cornstarch PLA and 1% plant-based castor nut oil bristles. The first part can be composted in a home compost, while the remaining 5% should be handled by a recycling plant.

What are bristles made of?
Our BPA-free plant-based bristles are crafted from castor seed oil. They eventually break down in a home composting environment, though we can't label them 'compostable' due to the required timeframe. Nevertheless, it's a significant improvement over petroleum-based bristles, as ours eventually become plant food!

What is the handle made of?
The toothbrush's handle is made of recyclable plastic with a faux bamboo look to match the toothbrush heads. This decision prioritizes safety and durability, as using real bamboo presented issues such as water absorption, fire risk with internal electronics, increased noise, and susceptibility to mold.

Does your brush head rotate?
Our electric toothbrush utilizes sonic cleaning technology vibrating at up to 38,000 vibrations per minute. Dentist studies confirm the efficiency of both technologies. However, a key distinction is that rotating heads can't be made from raw bamboo and need a composite material with some plastic.

Can bamboo toothbrushes give you splinters?
Our bamboo replacement heads are smooth and splinter free. You can trust Sustainable tomorrow on that matter as we carefully control our products before they are packaged and shipped.

Do bamboo toothbrushes get modly?
Bamboo toothbrushes can get moldy if not dried properly. Towel-dry the bristles and handle after use, and avoid soaking in a cup. Dentists recommend replacing heads every 2-3 months. For electric toothbrushes, air-dry after each use to prevent mold.

Do you sell Philips Sonicare compatible head?
Yes, we got you covered with our compatible bamboo toothbrush heads.