July 12, 2023

Zero-waste bathroom: 7+ ideas to get started!

Zero-waste bathroom: 7+ ideas to get started!

Monday morning. With a mechanical movement of your foot, you push the pedal of the bin to throw yet another paper towel into it. But it bounces back and falls back on your feet. What? What? Is the bin still full? You feel like you spend your life emptying it... And that's probably true.

A brief reminder: each of us produces an average of ~550 kg of household waste per year. Food waste, recyclable materials that are not sorted and waste that we could avoid producing... If there is one thing that is not on the diet here, it is our garbage can.

So, where do you start when you don't know anything about it? Here are 7 ideas to get started 😉

1) Trade your shower gel for a solid soap

Healthier, more eco-friendly, more economical. In the shower, soap has many advantages! Bar soap is less likely to come in plastic packaging than pump soap, and it takes about one-fifth of the energy to manufacture!

The solid format avoids the use of measuring bottles or pump bottles, which, although recyclable, do require more energy to produce, collect and recycle.

And if you really don't like soap, prefer family size shower gels!

Where to find a good soap?

It is not always easy to find a "good" soap. Even in organic stores, some still contain lot of additives or palm oil!

We suggest you to search within your country a solid soap manufacturer instead of suggesting you a global brand as good quality soaps can be find locally in most countries of the world.

Let us know if you struggle to find one and we will be glad to give you some advices!

2) Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste: adopt solid cosmetics

In recent years, awareness has taken off and that the trend towards zero waste cosmetics has spread. They have been popularized by the pioneering brand Lamazuna, the pope of "zero waste" Bea Johnson and the (almost) zero waste family, whose book is a jewel of humour and common sense.

For example, a solid toothpaste from Pachamamai (Pachamamai's Crystal) last more than 6 months, and its taste is very pleasant!

3) Choose a biodegradable or rechargeable toothbrush

As you know, a toothbrush is usually made of plastic. And since it is changed regularly (at least every 2 to 3 months if your oral hygiene is perfect), it generates a lot of waste.

On the biodegradable side, there are compostable bamboo toothbrushes. When you "finish" it, just break your head and throw it in the garbage (unfortunately, the nylon in the hair is not biodegradable). The rest goes to compost, fire....

Otherwise, there are toothbrushes with interchangeable heads. Of course, the handle is made of plastic, but it is not thrown away. We only replace the head, at the same frequency as we would change toothbrushes.

Where to buy a biodegradable toothbrush?

Biodegradable: bamboo toothbrushes

4) Abandon single-use plastic ones, get an eco-friendly swabs!

The Sustainable tomorrow reusable swab is a washable and therefore reusable alternative which replaces plastic cotton buds once and for all! These will be banned soon in most countries anyway: you might as well adopt good reflexes right away!

Where to buy eco-friendly bamboo swabs?

Biodegradable bamboo swabs: get yours here

6) Get a classic safety razor!

Straight from the time when we didn't buy pink plastic things that we throw away directly after use, I present you the safety razor! Made of stainless steel, chrome or aluminium, with a single handle or wooden handle (avoid plastic 😉), it is a lifelong companion!

Certainly, it is a small investment at first, but a big saving afterwards. Only the blades are changed, which still last much longer than a disposable razor. And then I find the object pretty 🙂

7) Trade the tampons for the cup or menstrual panties

A true revolution in women's comfort, the cup, washable sanitary pad and menstrual panties have arrived on the market. The offer has been expanded, with an ever-increasing choice of models, shapes, colours...

For those that "let go" does not bother, you may adopt menstrual panties. For those who prefer internal protection, choose the cup!

Please choose carefully your cup provider in order to ensure it has been made in respect of the regulations in place. This is critical for your own safety!

Other options

Don't multiply the miraculous and useless care products: make-up removal oil, a greasy soap or a gentle facial cleanser, a moisturizing cream for face and body etc.

What are your opinion about a zero waste bathroom? Any feedbacks? Any others tips to share? Share a comment below 😉

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